When Did Peanuts Become the Enemy

Let me first start by saying that I am in no way talking to people who have a real peanut allergy. That is serious stuff that I don’t wish on anyone and I feel for anyone who has it and for parents who are raising children who have it and the extra care that they need to put into being very attentive in what they give their children. This is for the rest of you who have sworn off peanuts due some misguided phobia. I don’t quite understand where this is all coming from. Is it because people believe that the new fad is to have an allergy of some sort and feel left out because they don’t? Because that’s just plain ridiculous. Or the number of times I’ve heard that peanuts are high in fat. It’s all about moderation people. What isn’t high in fat this days? Rice cakes? They also have zero taste and zero nutrients*. I have never seen anyone with a smile on their face or excited to have rice cakes. I dare anyone to come with a bag of rice cakes and sit with me while they eat that and I’ll eat my handful of peanuts and we’ll see who’s happier by the end of it. They also taste like nothing**, unless powdered with all those artificial flavors to make them mimic the tastes of other foods. Do you know what a peanut tastes like? A PEANUT!!! No artificial flavors needed. So the next time you’re deciding what you should have as a snack, don’t shun the all mighty peanut, but rather include it in your diet every now and then.


*These views are mine alone and do not represent those of Cananut as a whole.

**Rice cakes do not taste like nothing. They are absolutely delicious for people who like the taste of cardboard.

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