Those Who Can Roast, Those Who Can’t Resell

I can’t tell you the amount of times I have been asked by customers about the array of flavours we have and the freshness of our nuts. How do we get our hands on all these different flavours of nuts? Why is it that they don’t taste like the ones that come out of a can? The simple answer to what has seemed to become one of our best unintentionally kept secret is out. We are nut manufacturers above all else. Our factory and warehouse located on Chabanel in Montreal is where all the magic happens. When Cananut first opened in 1990, the entire goal was to roast nuts for mass production and sell to retailers. In doing so, we found that there was a flaw in this technique. You cannot control the middle man and thereby cannot control what is given to the public. So the obvious solution was to open our doors to retailers ourselves. Be a master of your domain on all aspects and therefore understand the dynamics of your product. And so, this is how we proceed, from roasting to selling. We get our nuts in their raw form and then roast them as needed, carefully selecting and monitoring our goods. And by doing so, the world is our oyster when it comes to flavors. In this fashion, we are able to supply our stores, and in turn customers, with the freshest product available in numerous flavors.

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