Nuts Are Much More Fun to Eat than to Talk About!!!

Prior to launching a website, much care is taken into developing the frame, outlook and every other aspect of design involved, which we gratefully thank our web developers for. Included in all of this is web content, which involves description. So, after a long day of work, I meet up with a friend of mine for a quick bite and then we’re off to a coffee shop to start brainstorming. I type in the word “NUTS” as our heading and we start trying to describe what sets us apart from everyone and how we can write about what makes them so delicious. We sit there for a couple of hours, obviously also distracted as we are sipping on our coffee, and yes in fact, eating some of these scrumptious nuts. We then think about the perfect words to describe these magnificent little bites. We go so far as to write a little poem in the form of a jingle to make our readers understand how tasty they just are. We find ourselves using the same key words over and over again so we take to Google to find synonyms to describe these amazing morsels. Notice how I’m using some of that here? And then we write something so perfect, fit for global broadcasting, or so we think because we’re just that amazing in our minds, but that has absolutely nothing to do with the website content. We have gone so far into overselling these nuts that we have made them out to be the best thing ever on this planet and something you just can’t live without. So we start again from square one, a little frustrated from getting so distracted, but not regretting the moments of fun, but now remembering to keep it simple when my friend just spurts out as she pops another almond in her mouth, “Just eat it and you’ll know damn it!” To the point. I can use every colorful word available to tell you how amazing they are, how everything is roasted in small batches and flavored so perfectly, factory direct that it really is like you just took them out of the oven, but you won’t know until you try them.

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