Crystallisation of Pure Honey

As a mom and pop type company where we specialize in selling you the fruits of our labour, our roasted nuts, we take pride in trying to complete our line with other such products. We are by no means honey producers, but Quebec has some amazing bee keepers that we should take pride in supporting because they produce some of the best, local and pure honey out there. That being said, this post is more to educate people on the crystallization of honey and to let people know it is ABSOLUTELY normal in PURE honey. I think it’s great that people want to get away from preserved foods with all these artificial additives. But unfortunately, many of us grew up with products that have been processed and have deemed that to be the standard. So when we see honey crystalize, people think there is something wrong with it, when it is actually the opposite. At low temperatures, honey with no additives that has not been processed will form crystals that make it solid. So please don’t fear it and run away. There is hope. I promise you. The good news is placing your jar in a bath of hot water will melt it again and the beauty of honey is that this liquid gold never expires. Please keep that in mind next time you’re about to throw out a jar of amazing honey. See, I keep my promises! You’re welcome. And if you’re looking for pure, non-pasteurised Quebec honey, feel free to drop by.

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