Cheers to Your Health

Eating healthy has never been something I actively think about or plan, but I definitely got lucky in having a balanced diet. Being surrounded by good quality food products that provide me with numerous options in the meals and snacks that I eat organically created my good eating habits. And yes, I still have dessert. I find that we’ve been bombarded with all the information of what is bad for you and what not to eat that we’ve turned good eating habits into something very negative. Refined sugar is bad. Palm oil is bad. Fried food is bad. Don’t eat chips. Zero gluten diets are the way to go. STOP! It’s time to change our way of thinking and start enjoying food again. Packaged food isn’t the best for you, but cutting it out 100% isn’t realistic. You can’t make everything, so we start with baby steps until it becomes second nature to you. For one, go to the source. At Cananut, we roast our nuts and coffee, free of any additives or preservatives, to provide you with a guilt free option. A baker uses simple ingredients to make your loaf of bread or cookies. You can also start by slowly replacing a few ingredients. We have organic raw sugar cane that you can use to substitute your refined sugar. We also have spices that are free of salt so that you can control that in your cooking without even thinking about it. Finally, diversity in everything is important. Stop eating the same thing day in and out and expect a change. There’s a reason why so many colorful fruits and vegetables exist. The same goes with grains. Instead of just oats for an oatmeal, mix rye, kamut, spelt and barley flakes. It tastes the same, but you get many more minerals this way. And don’t buy everything in huge boxes. Vary what you eat.
Make one small change at a time, make it stick for a couple of months until it doesn’t become a chore anymore and add another. Once your body starts getting what it needs, you’ll find it is ok to say yes to that croissant or cake with no regrets. Because at the end, your mind being happy is as equally important to your well-being!

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