Cheers to Your Health

Eating healthy has never been something I actively think about or plan, but I definitely got lucky in having a balanced diet. Being surrounded by good quality food products that provide me with numerous options in the meals and snacks that I eat organically created my good eating habits. And yes, I still have dessert. […]

When Did Peanuts Become the Enemy

Let me first start by saying that I am in no way talking to people who have a real peanut allergy. That is serious stuff that I don’t wish on anyone and I feel for anyone who has it and for parents who are raising children who have it and the extra care that they […]

Banana Bread Is for Everyone

I’m sure this happens to a number of us. You buy bananas, with every intention to eat all of them, and then one just gets too ripe before you get the chance to eat it. Now what? Well, if you’re anything like me, and you hate wasting any food because you were raised to view […]

Crystallisation of Pure Honey

As a mom and pop type company where we specialize in selling you the fruits of our labour, our roasted nuts, we take pride in trying to complete our line with other such products. We are by no means honey producers, but Quebec has some amazing bee keepers that we should take pride in supporting […]

Nuts Are Much More Fun to Eat than to Talk About!!!

Prior to launching a website, much care is taken into developing the frame, outlook and every other aspect of design involved, which we gratefully thank our web developers for. Included in all of this is web content, which involves description. So, after a long day of work, I meet up with a friend of mine […]

Those Who Can Roast, Those Who Can’t Resell

I can’t tell you the amount of times I have been asked by customers about the array of flavours we have and the freshness of our nuts. How do we get our hands on all these different flavours of nuts? Why is it that they don’t taste like the ones that come out of a […]