For over 20 years, Cananut has provided Montrealers with some of the highest quality selection of nuts available from around the world. Our nuts are roasted and sold directly from our factory, ensuring that we deliver the freshest and tastiest product to our customers. Nuts are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers, and good fats – and are an essential part of many healthy diets.  They’re nutritious and delicious!

But we didn’t just stop there! In addition to our wide selection of nuts, we also sell dried fruit, spices, and different types of grains and flours for all your cooking and baking needs.  We also sell other munchable snacks such as toasted corn and Bits and Bites in a variety of flavours. At Cananut, you can also find a large variety of teas, tisanes, and coffee, which we freshly roast in our warehouse.  What’s more, in all our stores you can find a wide selection of hard-to-find oriental groceries from mazaher and mawared to zayt and zaatar.

Most of our products are sold in bulk in barrels, which allows you to buy only the amount you need.  Buying and selling in bulk also helps minimize our packing needs, reduces our carbon footprint and allows us to sell these great items to you at a lower price. Now who doesn’t love that!?

Stop by one of our four stores today! We promise you’ll go NUTS for our products!